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BPM is about Cost Savings…

…Or is it? From BPM.com – This week at AppianWorld… One of the first sessions was by CME Group, the world’s largest derivatives market place who manages more than “$1 Quadrillion” in annual transaction volume… CME runs its business on BPM. To … read more

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Justifying Your BPM Expenditures

Your BPM project must justify its price either by cutting costs or increasing revenue. This is about your return on investment (ROI).  If the ROI isn’t there, then you won’t get funding for another project.   Cutting Costs On any … read more

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Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week: Cutbacks

BPM Leader - pencil

Every week a new outsourcing cartoon. This week: Cutbacks. Sometimes focusing solely on the balance sheet misses the mark. Despite advances in technology, there are subtle nuances of communication that can only be caught in face-to-face encounters. Cutbacks on travel … read more

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