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BPM and ERP in a Single Company: Myth or Reality?

What’s the use of BPM for a company that has already implemented ERP? Is a BPM system really needed in this case? It is difficult to imagine a company operating without an ERP support. However most companies that have implemented … read more

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Business Process Management

I recently posted a blog stating that ‘Companies don’t buy BPM software; they buy a solution to their problem.’ Peter Schooff then posed the question, ‘What problem does BPM solve?’ The answers were all over the map because of the … read more

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Why does BPM matter?

The Business Process Management Professionals Group posed this question:  Why does BPM matter? Why should we practice BPM? Brian Vinson’s response… “Either you’re in control of your business processes or they are in control of you. You manage your suppliers, … read more

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2 Key Benefits of BPM…

BPM Software provides 2 key benefits – Control and Visibility. Control prevents people from taking short cuts.  Let’s use onboarding for an example. I am sure hiring processes vary, but you may want certain people to interview the candidate.  You … read more

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Control the Process in Marketing

You can’t control the outcome, But, you can control the process… I wear a marketing hat in my everyday job; at the same time, I am all about process.  So, I look for ways to apply process to my marketing … read more

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