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Enterprise Modeling Space: Process Excellence Organization Setup

COE - BPM Leader

Any organization who has reached a certain process maturity level or planning to improve their operational efficiency will certainly look for a BPM CoE setup. Management gurus have always stressed the importance of Enterprise Modeling during BPM CoE  setup and … read more

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Advice to BPM CoE: Chop into Phases & Apply Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is one of the most talked about phrases in the world of BPM, yet it is the most ignored idea when it comes to implementation. Continuous improvement prefers smaller bangs over a big bang or quick wins over … read more

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Center of Excellence or Center of Difference ?

The word Center of Excellence (CoE) has been prevalent in the IT arena for a long time. There have been many CoE success stories and organizations are still singing the song of its glory! It has just become like a common member in the family … read more

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Why you should have a BPM COE

COE - BPM Leader

What are your goals for workflow, and or BPM? Singular focused one process and done? Divisional? Group? Enterprise? If you said ‘enterprise’ you must setup a Center of Excellence (COE) A BPM COE is a group that absorbs and promotes … read more

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