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Why Every Business Process Should Be Unique

A couple of decades ago, I was working for a software company that provided a software solution for managing the engineering change process.  The software was like a blank spreadsheet – we needed to tell it how we wanted it … read more

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Why Change is Essential in Business Process Management

From Gartner’s 2013 BPM Summit – ‘By definition you’re all about creating change. It’s why you’re here; it is what you do, day in and day out. When you create change, you create conflict.’ – Tina Nunno, Gartner Vice President and … read more

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Lessons from Hollywood: Ignorance, Arrogance and Change Management

Do You Hear the Music? That which cannot be monitored or controlled will eventually have drastic consequences upon the bottom line.  Business environments are constantly challenged with varying influence factors and the required investment to adjust the organization appropriately.  As with … read more

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