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Six Ways To Process Improvement Success

This post was originally published on the Idatix Insider’s Blog. So you’ve been given the go-ahead on your shiny new business process improvement initiative. The champagne corks have been popped, you given yourself a big pat on the back then suddenly … read more

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BPM Software User Interface

One of the main obstacles to a successful BPM implementation is managing change.  Most people hate change.  Each day employees come in to work, get their cup of coffee and settle into their routine.  They know what their job is … read more

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4 Essentials for Building a Lean Culture

Lean organizational culture helps manufacturing organizations to stay on track with Lean in the long run. The Lean culture is critical for sustainability; and to change it, you have to change your management system. If you stop following through Lean … read more

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Must-Have Roles in BPM for the Interaction between IT and Business

Everybody who has worked with Business Process Management will have heard and used Process Owners as an integrated part of  Business Process Management, but probably only very few will have heard of a not very often used role: IT Process … read more

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Lessons from Hollywood: Ignorance, Arrogance and Change Management

Do You Hear the Music? That which cannot be monitored or controlled will eventually have drastic consequences upon the bottom line.  Business environments are constantly challenged with varying influence factors and the required investment to adjust the organization appropriately.  As with … read more

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Case Study: When “Best Practice” Destroys Value

The work with defining and implementing new processes is often left to a small group of experts. This approach seems obvious to many companies, since they want to implement best practice processes. The problem is that most of the good … read more

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East vs. West: A Cultural Perspective into Business Process Management

Given the ever increasing speed of information exchange, the competitive landscape continues to evolve in how business problems and solutions are addressed within the global environment. Customers now have a world of knowledge at their disposal from product and service … read more

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A Process-Based Approach to Outsourcing Decisions


The global dynamics of business today have spurred great interest in outsourcing work to partners who can complete certain tasks at a lower cost, to a higher level of quality, and with a faster cycle time than a multi-faceted organization … read more

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6-Sigma and DMAIC from the Customer’s Viewpoint

The goal of 6-Sigma is to achieve consistent, reliable, repeatable performance in areas that affect effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness measures meeting the customer’s needs or wants and efficiency measures the cost of meeting customer needs or wants.  Let’s go through … read more

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10 Golden Rules for Management and BPM

This summer, we will highlight the three best read and three most shared blogs on BPM Leader. In line with the spirits of the Olympic Games, we will award these blogs with a gold, silver or bronze medal. Today’s blog … read more

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