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BPM: Bridge between Business and IT

Most business solutions are based on technical requirements formulated by business users and translated into code by developers. Unfortunately, it often happens that the code meets the requirements only partly. Yet a successful relationship between business and IT is a … read more

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Helping Business Owners Realize the Benefits of BPM

As a BPM professional, you are aware of the benefits that BPM can bring to businesses of all sizes and types. However, many business owners are unaware of what BPM represents, or even that it exists at all. The toughest … read more

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How to Align Business Strategy to Process Excellence

You may have come across the saying by Dwight David Eisenhower, which reminds us that it is not only necessary to do the right thing, but to do it in the right way also. By aligning the process excellence to … read more

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The Great Process Debate: Business vs. IT

So we’ve all probably heard the questions, either from direct or indirect customers, either straightforwardly or in a round-about way. Who’s making us do this? How is this benefiting my team? Is BPM even applicable to this project? Is BPM an IT … read more

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Which Snakes Live in Your Process Paradise?

It would be nice, if it were possible to have process improvement initiatives without any problems. However, that is not the world we live in. Process paradise can run into several problems. Watch out for these potential snakes hissing in … read more

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Why RASCI Is Important For BPM Projects

If words of command are not clear and distinct, if orders are not thoroughly understood, the general is to blame. But if his orders are clear, and the soldiers nevertheless disobey, then it is the fault of their officers. [SUN … read more

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10 Steps to Achieve “Outside-In” Capability

Synopsis In the previous articles we have reviewed the global business transformation underway and how Advanced BPM is helping notable organizations assert their leadership. In this final article we’ll look at the ingredients of success and ten best practice ‘how … read more

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Does Your Business Have IT?

Do you have IT? She has IT and he has IT and they have IT, but that guy over there does not have IT. In businesses, some businesses have IT and other businesses say “Shhhhhhhhhhhh”, we don’t have IT. So … read more

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From the Enterprise Perspective: BPM in the Cloud

BPM in the Cloud

Every now and then we come across differentiating new technology which creates significant hype and reshapes the technological and business world. It changes the way the business operates and facilitates enterprise to achieve competitive advantage. Cloud is one such technology … read more

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Business Transformation: The Unified Theory of Business

Synopsis The world of business is undergoing dramatic change. Driven by a number of factors organizations are needing to realign themselves to adapt and evolve. This transformation is global and reaches into every business sector impacting how companies create, deliver … read more

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