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Analysis of Business Processes

For the sake of this discussion, I will lump a Business Process Management [BPM] project into 4 categories – Analysis, Design, Construction and Implementation. It has been my experience that the analysis and design categories usually take up about 75% … read more

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Will 2012 Be “The Year Of Living BPM”?

Living BPM

MDM, Governance and Validation Challenges Your host started his IT career at IDC, in the previous millennium.  Working for IDC gives one a perspective on analyst relations with vendors and end-users.  Analysts are little bit like movie reviewers — they … read more

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Business rules and organizational integrity

Nowadays many businesses seem to struggle with achieving a proper balance between maintaining business rules and discipline while providing employees enough space for freedom and individual wishes. You must have seen those stories in magazines where CIO’s are pulling their … read more

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