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BPM in Aerospace and Defense

From Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing 2012… “Aerospace and Defense companies are turning to internal process improvements to combat current market pressures. Although this industry has traditionally enjoyed a resilience to economic volatility, a recent slowdown in DoD spending is forcing A&D … read more

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How do We Deliver Consumer-style Experience while Optimizing Process?

Its been a while now since I have last posted about BPM and User Experience. Over the past 5 months, I have been busy helping customers around the world optimize their business processes while at the same time ensuring that … read more

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Lean: the bigger picture

“BPM is a fantastic basis for business optimization and improvement”. Right now I am involved in a Lean program that helps the organization to be more customer focused and improve operational excellence. As said before, BPM focusses on the business … read more

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Endless Process Creativity

For consultants selling creativity to organizations is quite easy, because there is unlimited demand for it. Who would not want to improve their business at any given moment if it means getting more money? But, there are no authorities watching … read more

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