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Chaos Theory and BPM

My first real recollection of the use of chaos theory was from the movie Jurassic Park. Based on the book by Michael Crichton, Jeff Goldblum played the role of Dr. Ian Malcolm, a chaos theorist. A chaos theorist uses mathematical … read more

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What is Most Challenging in BPM Design and Development?

Challenges for BPM Professionals

I am using Cordys as a development tool. I found it’s a challenge to understand a business scenario and design the business process accordingly. I am working as a senior developer in my team and most of the time have … read more

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What to do, when discovery uncovers systemic faults? (1)

In the midst of your project, moving a process or functions to other work groups, what do you do when the process not only fails but the OSS is failed along with the process? First let me thank Reint, he … read more

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