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Partner Value Delivery and its utility to BPM

Extending from my previous post on Filling Process Gaps with BPM, let me share my experience on the Partner Value Delivery Model (PVDM). The model has been developed based on our experience and now is extended to almost all current engagements. … read more

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BPM vs Case Management

Business Process Management (BPM) and Case Management solutions incorporate processes, business rules, forms, data models, document handling, and system integration. They also use the same infrastructure and overall architecture. As a result, there is some confusion in the marketplace about … read more

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BPM explained to Small and Medium Enterprises

What is BPM really? When we think of BPM or business process management, we often think of ‘expensive’, ‘for large companies’, ‘takes up too much management time’ or ‘we are not ready for that yet’. Is that really what lies … read more

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The BPM elements: Of Charts, Forms and Variables

In the ever evolving and in complexity growing arena of business process management – that sometimes seems to be excessively inflated with acronyms like iBPMS, S-BPM (download the book to S-BPM at Springer Open: link), RW-BPMS (call for papers and … read more

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Enterprise Modeling Space: Thoughts on Software Implementation

If you have been part of a software development work and have developed some kind of flows, Process Models (in BPMN), Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD), or drawn any UML diagrams in Visio or any other tool; then you have actually … read more

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Filling process gaps with BPM

It’s an interesting topic and close to my heart. Not because I am writing it, but because I have seen and experienced it first-hand. By writing this blog, even if one person benefits from it, I would feel that objective of … read more

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Can you use Agile and BPM together to solve business issues?

Agile pill - BPM Leader

The perfect business process management system (BPMS) hasn’t been invented. Perhaps it never will be. However, that hasn’t stopped countless attempts to create the next wave of BPMS solutions. One of the approaches getting attention today is the combination of … read more

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What Matters for Customers in Grocery Stores

We all love shopping. Some more than others. But all of us need to engage with grocery stores if we want to eat at home. So, what does matter for us as customers of Grocery stores? This article looks into key drivers of store choices people make. There are five key factors that make us choose the store we want to go in. Read further to know what they are and how to apply them into your business! Continue reading read more

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What will grow from a BPM system?

tree - BPM Leader

Whether the vision of a tree, on which apples, pears and cherries grow simultaneously would not be a dream come true for farmers? I guess so, but as for now, genetics does not extend that far. Meanwhile, in IT, systems … read more

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Business Process Improvement using Internet of Things (Part 1)

Business process improvement directly correlates to increase in customer satisfaction. In this series of articles we are going to look at how different industries are leveraging (or can leverage) Internet of Things (IoT) to improve their business processes. These improvements can increase … read more

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