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BPM Adoption Strategy: Top-Down or Bottom-Up?

While discussing with a colleague of mine last week, this topic again came back to fore. We were talking about ‘the other side of the story’ (grass is always greener on the other side :-)) I was thinking about penning … read more

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Can BPM contribute to the Digital Journey?

While we continue to listen and talk about Digital being a key differentiator for organizations and organizations continuing to invest in Digital, the clarity is lacking even among the practitioners. For many of the client organizations, while some people know … read more

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Key Performance Indicators for BPM

Let’s recap BPM’s main steps that we introduced in a previous blogpost: Process modelling Process automation Process analysis using key performance indicators (KPIs) Process optimization This post is entirely dedicated to the third step: key performance indicators (or KPIs) for BPM. … read more

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BPM and ERP: How to Integrate? An Analysis

While discussing an engagement with a client project manager, there was a question about how the BPM approach would work with ERP. The client project manager went a step further. He asked if I have a guideline on when and how to … read more

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Enabling Social BPM through APIs

Enterprise 2.0 itself is a popular term that captures the use of lightly structured social environments to collaborate and capture knowledge in a discoverable, reusable way. Typically, these tools are highly social and they’re free-format, so that they can adapt … read more

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Value Chain Models – The BPM Diamond Cut

The present business and IT ecosystem reached a certain level of intelligence that pushes companies and organizations to become true masters of processes in order to make their way to the top. Besides a company’s business strategy and models, the … read more

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Business Architecture as Value Proposition Enabler

In observing a new business architecture initiative within an organization, we’ll notice that the motivation behind this initiative is typically driven by some issue or a “pain point” identified by the senior management. These “pain points” become apparent after a … read more

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How to Test the Pulse of your Processes and See if they are Still Alive!

Many processes are like zombies. They wake up in the morning, brush their teeth, take the train ride to work and start working. For four hours they check their emails, put of fires and curse the work they do. Then, … read more

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How to develop as a process leader?

Some business process leaders are doing much better in changing their work practices compared to others. What do well-performing leaders know about adapting their organisation’s processes swiftly and adequately, that others don’t? And how well you are doing well as … read more

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Is BPM failing?

Large companies have invested billions in software, in process excellence teams and in consulting to realize the dream of the process driven company. After storing thousands of complex process diagrams in databases it is time to stop and think. What … read more

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