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My 10-Point BPM System Wishlist

If you’ve spent a lot of time with BPM tools like me, you know that they always reach a limit. A new, shiny offering may seem like the most innovative product on the market, but just like that shiny Christmas … read more

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How to Accelerate Enterprise BPM Projects

BPM holds both a promise and anxiety for the Enterprise. Large companies and public bodies who have not yet migrated to BPM, know that such projects can have a major beneficial impact on their operations and their bottom line. They … read more

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Process Management Software for Your Business

There are a number of business process management (BPM) software solutions to emerge in the last few years that help businesses automate, measure and improve their overall process management. But how do you know which BPM software is right for … read more

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BPM is not a product

From a BPM.com posting… Most BPM products designed to support BPM also include a lot of other capabilities beyond just those the BPM practitioner requires.  They generally include a lot of application development and data integration capability. –  Business Process … read more

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BPM Thoughts…

From a BPM.com posting… BPM is something that you do, not a thing you own or buy. BPM is about improving processes.  It presumes the idea that you view business as a set of processes and BPM is the act … read more

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Choosing the Right BPM Solution

Choosing a BPM solution is not a simple task.  There are horror stories about companies spending lots of money on a solution only to have their implementation end up being a large fiasco. There are a lot of things to … read more

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Business Process Management

I recently posted a blog stating that ‘Companies don’t buy BPM software; they buy a solution to their problem.’ Peter Schooff then posed the question, ‘What problem does BPM solve?’ The answers were all over the map because of the … read more

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Core vs. Advanced Features in Workflow Software

When shopping around for workflow software, it’s important to be aware of the vast range of products on the market. Especially if it’s your first time researching a workflow solution for your company, you should have a concept of what … read more

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Change or Be Outperformed…

From the Oil & Gas Journal… Innovation Matters.  We know that the public is demanding clean and safe energy and an abundance of it, yet extracting, generating and managing energy through the supply chain is risky business. Increasing mandates for … read more

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Business Intelligence & BPM

From a Jim Sinur interview posted on BPM.com… Intelligent business operations really come out of a need for business to have better outcomes. They need to raise revenue, they need to cut cost, and they need to please their customers. … read more

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