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How to Accelerate Enterprise BPM Projects

BPM holds both a promise and anxiety for the Enterprise. Large companies and public bodies who have not yet migrated to BPM, know that such projects can have a major beneficial impact on their operations and their bottom line. They … read more

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5 tips to BPM success: the Adidas Story

Implementing a BPM solution often seems a mountain to climb, especially if we believe the analysts who claim that 50% to 60% of BPM projects fail. Yet, we know the company can’t rely on emails and spreadsheets any longer; we also recognize the importance … read more

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How to Avoid Poor User Adoption of BPM Projects

I can’t stress enough how important user adoption is…   It can take as little as one unhappy person to kill a project like this.  They can poison other users and it can get out of control. Some things you … read more

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