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Key steps for a successful BPM implementation

There are certain recommendations for business process management and automation, which you can use to guide yourself through the BPM implementation. As far as you give enough attention to each of the steps described below, your project must work out … read more

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First BPM Implementation: Pick your Battles

BPM Strategy

How to pick your battle? One of the success factors in a BPM implementation is knowing how to pick which workflow to automate. There are two different views on how to approach this topic: one side likes to tackle the … read more

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Success at BPM

Managing engineering processes usually requires change.  Your user community will be made up of some people that like change and others that don’t.  Any one person from the group that doesn’t like change can kill the project, so it is … read more

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The Need to Change the Goal of BPM Implementation

The significance of knowledge (theoretical introduction, if you’re impatient, feel free to skip to the next part) When compared with the industrial economy, BPM implementations in the knowledge economy face much different challenges. This is because in its essence, knowledge … read more

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Are you on a path into a process wilderness? (Part II)

If BPM is failing then what does the path to failure look like? BPM’s successes are widely promoted, its failures are hidden. Often we learn more from a failure than a success. This is a second part of a story … read more

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Retail Banking Process Series (Part 2)

The processes shown in our retail banking series reflect the scenario of BPM implementations being mission critical, all encompassing, end-to-end, complex GUI driven solutions that cover the entire sales cycle and which are heavily (core and legacy system) integrated. Process … read more

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