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Banking on BPM: The Virtues of Process Automation

BPM technology is finding ever increasing deployment at banks both large and small and there are five big reasons why: for standardizing processes, ensuring compliance, boosting efficiency, raising capacity and minimizing loss. I spoke with one senior bank executive to … read more

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Retail Banking Process Series (part 1)

Introduction Having played an active role in the evolution of BPM as a methodology since 2004 in Panama, Central to South America and the Caribbean, most of our team members have had the unique opportunity of being able to observe … read more

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Comply with Dodd-Frank Banking Regulation using BPM

Recently we were discussing the relationship between regulatory compliance issues and Business Process Management (BPM). We have participated in some really large and complex regulatory ¬†initiatives with banks, but never have we witnessed anything so encompassing as Dodd-Frank. The scope … read more

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