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Why take on BPM?

The benefits of managing your business processes can be enormous…   Managing Change Whether you like it or not, change happens… Typically, we will respond to the change by taking some action.  It is very easy to take the wrong … read more

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Process Improvement Process

The benefits of business process management There are many benefits to managing your business processes.  The benefits may differ from company to company, but they are very real. The University of San Francisco posted a blog that identifies some important … read more

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Helping Business Owners Realize the Benefits of BPM

As a BPM professional, you are aware of the benefits that BPM can bring to businesses of all sizes and types. However, many business owners are unaware of what BPM represents, or even that it exists at all. The toughest … read more

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BPMS – a Key to Effective Shared Services Center

Consolidation is more and more common in organizations with numerous subsidiaries scattered across cities, countries or even continents. The goal is to raise efficiency, lower costs and to get a better grip on business processes. While outsourcing is a one … read more

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5 tips to BPM success: the Adidas Story

Implementing a BPM solution often seems a mountain to climb, especially if we believe the analysts who claim that 50% to 60% of BPM projects fail. Yet, we know the company can’t rely on emails and spreadsheets any longer; we also recognize the importance … read more

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Getting Started with BPM

The goal of BPM is to improve efficiency and ultimately improve profits… Before choosing a software vendor, here are some steps that will help you to create a solid requirements document. Choose a Champion A champion will be the evangelist … read more

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2 Key Benefits of BPM…

BPM Software provides 2 key benefits – Control and Visibility. Control prevents people from taking short cuts.  Let’s use onboarding for an example. I am sure hiring processes vary, but you may want certain people to interview the candidate.  You … read more

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