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Evolving Business Processes and Workflow Software Flexibility

Businesses and their processes continually evolve, and it’s a shame when the tools and applications they’ve invested heavily in can’t evolve along with them. Most workflow software have standard frameworks that managers can tweak here and there to align with … read more

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Mind the Gap: Why Agility is the Key to Optimizing Legacy Systems

In this blog blog, I will argue why agile BPM is the smart option when it comes to breathing new life into existing applications. According to Gartner, it is estimated that 70% of corporate data still exists in legacy systems. This was … read more

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Selling BPM Projects from “the bottom up”

Speaking to the C-Suite about BPM   What’s at the top of the C-level agenda and how does BPM added-value align to strategic vision? There have always been a number of ways to manage processes in organizations: the tried-and-true mix … read more

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Endless Process Creativity

For consultants selling creativity to organizations is quite easy, because there is unlimited demand for it. Who would not want to improve their business at any given moment if it means getting more money? But, there are no authorities watching … read more

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Is Agile Software Development working in BPM? (part 2)

Agile pill - BPM Leader

In my previous post, I discussed a number of prerequisites before considering an Agile approach in BPM. In the current post, I will go deeper into why and when one would use Agile Development. Why use Agile Development? We do … read more

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BPM and the Unicorn tale

How to distinguish hype from real value Early January 2012 I visited an exhibition about the mythical Unicorn in a beautiful medieval castle in ‘s Heerenberg in the Netherlands. It struck me how people believed in the existence of the … read more

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