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Unscrambling The Process Technology Puzzle…

This post was originally published on the iDatix Insider’s Blog.   Mapping, Modeling, BPM, ACM, ECM, ERP It seems these days if something doesn’t have an acronym then it doesn’t deserve a place in the business world. Over the past 20 … read more

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Process Size – It’s all about Management Capacity

Back in February 2011, Peter Schooff of eBizQ.net asked a very important question, “How big is a process?” The very insightful comments that answer the question bring forth many interesting perspectives on the size of a process. Ranging from the length of a … read more

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The Chaos of ECM – BPM Strategies

Chaos - fragment of painting by Tim Henderson

Setting your ECM or BPM implementation strategy can appear to be pretty straightforward. After all, you either want to manage your content or manage your process. To achieve that, get some experts, get a good tool(s), and launch a project … read more

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Broken Social Scene – Social BPM and Social CRM

Just like when Homer designed a new car for his brother that included shag carpeting, three horns and bubble domes, BPM and CRM applications are in danger of trying to become all things to all men. Social is the latest … read more

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