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Swift Software (www.swiftsoftware.com)


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Agile web-based enterprise task and work management solution with robust BPM capabilities


Business teams today are overwhelmed with projects and are pulled in many, often competing, directions. Without a clear process and actionable insight, productivity suffers and unplanned, ad hoc tasks can quickly change into all-consuming crises for your team. JobTraQ delivers improved productivity, visibility, collaboration and accountability to work across sales, marketing, operations, IT, HR, product management and other activities.

Knowledge workers receive, plan, prioritize and coordinate their work and JobTraQ provides the insight you need to manage resources across the value chain from work planning to coordination and execution fully supported by comprehensive business intelligence and reporting for real-time analytics into your business.  Visual process workflow design allows your team to design, test and deploy complex business workflows in a matter of hours which brings structure, order and consistency to repetitive projects.  JobTraQ’s flexible and intuitive architecture can be quickly and easily be configured to meet your specific business and work process requirements without the need for dedicated IT resources or complex programming.  In fact, most customers have a fully implemented solution in just a few weeks and this rapid time to benefit is a key aspect of JobTraQ’s overall value proposition.

JobTraQ is a .NET-based application and can be deployed as either a hosted SaaS or on-premise solution with subscription and perpetual licensing.




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