Spinifex – Work Execution Mechanism


WEM (Work Execution Mechanism)


Delivered by:

Spinifex Productivity Engineering Pty LtdĀ (www.spinifexonline.com)


Solution description:

The WEM improves employee productivity, culture and accountability in the workplace, resulting in predicted business outcomes and improved profitability.

The WEM does not replace any of your existing systems or software programs in your workplace but rather enhances them to actually derive benefit.

Starting with what you already have in place, we provide a rock-solid deployment strategy plus all the tools you need to integrate the system with your operation and start optimising from day one.

The WEM will enable your business to:

  • Bring the organisation objective and strategy to life.
  • Define organisation structure, individual job roles, skills and experience.
  • Plan out “whole of life” management approach to justification, procurement and commissioning of equipment and resources.
  • Identify and communicate how work is performed for identification, reporting and prioritisation.
  • Enable performance management processes to check both consequences of work and stability in business process.
  • Effective cost management planning.
  • Determine ways of investigation when business objectives are not met.
  • Prepare and manage annual business plans.




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