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Automate, manage and monitor enterprise-wide business processes using the webMethods Business Process Management (BPM) Platform. Our platform includes everything you need—the right technology, practices and content—to get started and quickly see results.

  • Process automation:
    Rely on automatic orchestration and coordination of activities as defined in your business processes. This ensures consistency and predictable outcomes in terms of how work gets done. Automated processes also run faster than processes that rely on a lot of manual tasks and manual orchestration.
  • Case Management:
    Effectively support knowledge workers and maintain a solid history of the case. Auditing gets easier, plus case workers can see what’s happened across the case timeline. Set process goals, and let the case worker figure out the best way to achieve those goals based on his or her skills and experience.
  • Process visibility:
    See how processes are performing across your entire enterprise. You’re alerted to potential issues and can immediately identify the culprit. You can even see how to correct the problem. This way, you can catch and resolve problems in real-time—before customers notice.

In summary, the webMethods Business Process Management Platform provides users with a holistic and real-time overview of business processes, which will allow you to eliminate redundant activities, simplify manual tasks down the line, and proactively handle any issues that might arise. Our BPM solutions can help your business run with even greater efficiency so you can deliver consistent results to your customers.

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