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ARIS Business Process Analysis Platform


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Design, document, analyze, optimize and communicate processes to achieve business process excellence by using the ARIS Business Process Analysis Platform. With more efficient processes across business, IT and SAP systems, your Digital Enterprise can respond to changing business and market requirements more quickly.

  • Easy-to-Use Design Tool :
    ARIS supports the entire process design life cycle and has 200+ model types to help describe your entire business. You can define the relationships between processes, the resources they use and the business environment in which they operate. Model the business processes with event-driven process chains or with BPMN. Also, BPEL, Value-Added-Chain, UML™ and ERM are offered.
  • Analysis and Optimization:
    Understand the relationships between the entities in your business. Analyze the use of resources and enterprise-wide impacts of changes by ad hoc model analysis, search and query, or analysis, reports and macros.
  • ARIS Connect:
    ARIS is cloud-enabled by using an additional product: ARIS Connect. It can be set up on an existing ARIS repository to provide its capabilities to already existing process content.
  • Publishing:
    Role based portals for easy access to information on processes and IT architectures.

The ARIS suite also provides simulation and governance capabilities. With ARIS for SAP® Solutions, Software AG delivers a fast, efficient way to map processes and business concepts to your SAP environment. Use it to bridge the gap between business and IT across the entire SAP life cycle.

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