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The power of processes

The Sensus method was developed with a view to making the most of the potential and possibilities of process management.

The power of the Sensus method lies in its communication through a uniform visual language, which anyone anywhere in the world will be able to understand. Our revolutionary approach allows all our customers to record their expertise in processes in the same way. This in turn enables them to share knowledge across their organisation, with other organisations and to learn from each other. Our basic assumption is that employees need to learn to think in terms of processes in order to be able to adopt process-based work methods.

Sensus BPM-software enables uniform description, management and organisation-wide sharing of your business processes. The Sensus software will automatically visualise all processes in various ways, whether it’s process flows, swim lanes or job descriptions. The power of well-defined business processes mostly lies in their simplicity. We have therefore built our software for clarity and maximum ease of use for everyone. Needless to say, the Sensus software dovetails seamlessly with the Sensus method.




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