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PROCESSpedia is a business process management solution which helps organisations document, manage and monitor their process improvement initiatives.


PROCESSpedia includes:

  • a centralised and highly accessible process repository
  • Microsft Visio integration for process modelling
  • work instructions and checklists
  • dashboards and KPIs
  • workflow management
  • social features for easy collaboration

A more detailed description of the product features is available in the

PROCESSpedia can be fully customised, including integration with third party products as required.
Additionally, PROCESSpedia can also work as a tool agnostic framework which allows organisations to pull together work done using different BPM tools. As many organisations tend to use more than one BPM tool, PROCESSpedia can help them monitor their different process improvement projects with ease.

To learn more, you can watch a short video about PROCESSpedia on our website:




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