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ProcessMate Cloud App


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Solution description:

ProcessMate helps businesses keep track of their recurring processes, handle related information such as Customers, Equipment, etc, as well as documents and communication.

In addition, it provides managers with valuable insights on efficiency of processes in a visual form (such as gantt charts, reports and graphs), so to help optimize the business and cut costs.

ProcessMate is a simple-to-use cloud process tool for recurring processes. It can be configured in 3 minutes with no IT experience whatsoever, which makes it affordable for any small business.


Key features:

  • Tracks your human-driven workflows and related information, such as customers, suppliers, equipment or anything else;
  • It improves efficiency by tracking ongoing activities and sending timely reminders to team members. It also makes operations transparent to managers through comprehensive reports and dashboards;
  • It is completely web-based (no installations or downloads are required);
  • It is very easy to configure, 3 minutes and you are good to go;
  • The license is SaaS (monthly user license), so you can afford it with any budget.


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