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ProcessGene BPM | Business Process Management Software

ProcessGene develops forward-thinking BPM software solutions, designed to serve multi-subsidiary organizations. The company has been acknowledged as a market leader and innovator by the most important analyst firms.

Businesses and governments worldwide use ProcessGene solutions to manage, control and improve business processes, implement enterprise software, and coordinate mergers and acquisitions.

ProcessGene’s Multi-Org technology enables synchronized management of several business process models (e.g per subsidiary), all linked to a centrally controlled, global business process baseline.

ProcessGene also offers a full range of Multi-Org Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions.


ProcessGene’s main differentiation factors compared to other BPM suites:

  • Acknowledged as a market leader and innovator by the most important IT analysts
  • Uniquely Designed for multi-subsidiary, global organizations
  • Full connectivity to several ERP systems
  • The first Cloud based BPM solution
  • Full GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) support- FREE
  • Unlimited amount of free “view” users- FREE





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