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BPM suite (client & web-based) for process creation, -modeling and -publishing

With Symbio you can easily manage, model and publish your processes and organizational data in a simple and professional manner. The tool can be used for business scenarios like process optimization, SAP implementations, certification purposes, post merger integrations among others. The tool can be easily integrated into the existing IT infrastructure and is very easy to use. Via the tool can be downloaded free of charge.

Symbio is available as a client or web-based version. The client version is installed on the client obviously and comes with the modules Architect, Modeling Client and Publishing (html and handbook). The web-based Symbio requires a server infrastructure (Windows Server including IIS web server) or can be alternatively accessed in the cloud. In the web-based Symbio the data creation, modeling and the viewing of data takes place in a browser.

Symbio can be extended by additional modules like Symbio Dashboard (powered by SAP®Crystal Dashboard), Symbio eLearning (powered by SAP®WPB)or solutions like Symbio for SharePoint and Symbio for ARIS®.

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