Take time to smell the roses

By Karl Walter Keirstead @ Civerex | May 21, 2015

Every once in a while it’s good to sit back and take a look at the big picture.What are the origins of BPM?  What is the contribution of BPM in 2015 to “business management”? Here is a quick overview of … read more

3 Principles That Turn Mediocre Customer Experiences Into Remarkable Ones

When you think about remarkable customer experiences, what kind of companies come into your mind? The ones that create remarkable experiences or the ones that are mediocre? I bet the remarkable ones! So, how do you turn mediocre experiences into remarkable? Read this article for 3 key principles. Continue reading read more

Enterprise Modeling Space: Business Transformations

By Arun Kumar Asokan @ Infosys ltd. | April 27, 2015

A fundamental change in business operations of a firm – in order to improve its performance – can be termed as a Business Transformation. This blog discusses just two such Business Transformation scenarios where enterprise modeling can play the role … read more

Can you use Agile and BPM together to solve business issues?

Agile pill - BPM Leader
By Jeff Shuey @ K2 | April 7, 2015

The perfect business process management system (BPMS) hasn’t been invented. Perhaps it never will be. However, that hasn’t stopped countless attempts to create the next wave of BPMS solutions. One of the approaches getting attention today is the combination of … read more

Methodologies for Identifying Business Processes

By Eli Stutz @ PNMsoft | April 2, 2015

Your organization is brimming with processes that occur every day. Some of these processes work well and others are plagued by inefficiency. Some are quick and are accomplished without thought, others are long term and involve many people, and may be … read more

Messy processes – Messy customer experiences?

messy process office

Yeah, I am sure you have heard it at least once in your life: “Sorry, it is against our policy”. Lately I have head too many times “It is against regulations”. How is it against regulations when others are doing it? Nah, it is just a easy escape from offering bad customer experiences. How many companies actually mix bad internal processes with regulations? Quite many it seems! Continue reading read more

Enterprise Modeling Space: Process Excellence Organization Setup

COE - BPM Leader
By Arun Kumar Asokan @ Infosys ltd. | March 23, 2015

Any organization who has reached a certain process maturity level or planning to improve their operational efficiency will certainly look for a BPM CoE setup. Management gurus have always stressed the importance of Enterprise Modeling during BPM CoE  setup and … read more

The Importance of Communication for Success with BPM

By Kay Winkler @ NSI Soluciones | March 18, 2015

Defining BPM as a methodology and BPMS as a logical subset of such, the current challenges for successful BPM implementations that have been outlined by the researchers of BPTrends and MWD Advisors seem even more pressing but also possible to … read more

What Matters for Customers in Grocery Stores

We all love shopping. Some more than others. But all of us need to engage with grocery stores if we want to eat at home. So, what does matter for us as customers of Grocery stores? This article looks into key drivers of store choices people make. There are five key factors that make us choose the store we want to go in. Read further to know what they are and how to apply them into your business! Continue reading read more

What will grow from a BPM system?

tree - BPM Leader
By Michal Rykiert @ WEBCON | March 5, 2015

Whether the vision of a tree, on which apples, pears and cherries grow simultaneously would not be a dream come true for farmers? I guess so, but as for now, genetics does not extend that far. Meanwhile, in IT, systems … read more