Setting the Bar for BPM User Experience

By Baruch Sachs @ Pegasystems | February 1, 2012

A common sentiment in the User Experience (UX) field is that the best user experience is one where you dont have┬áto think about it. There is a reason my 2 year old son can use an iPad or iPhone, and … read more

Business rules and organizational integrity

Nowadays many businesses seem to struggle with achieving a proper balance between maintaining business rules and discipline while providing employees enough space for freedom and individual wishes. You must have seen those stories in magazines where CIO’s are pulling their … read more

What to do, when discovery uncovers systemic faults? (1)

By Les Lammonds @ BPM Expert | January 28, 2012

In the midst of your project, moving a process or functions to other work groups, what do you do when the process not only fails but the OSS is failed along with the process? First let me thank Reint, he … read more

Lean Six Sigma: Service versus Industry (part 2)

By Peter Matthijssen @ BiZZdesign | January 26, 2012

As mentioned in my previous blog post, the service sector runs about 20 years behind on the industrial sector when it comes to process optimization. To illustrate this, there are a few explanatory symptoms that we see a lot in … read more

BPM and the Unicorn tale

By Theo Stolker @ Vital Health | January 25, 2012

How to distinguish hype from real value Early January 2012 I visited an exhibition about the mythical Unicorn in a beautiful medieval castle in ‘s Heerenberg in the Netherlands. It struck me how people believed in the existence of the … read more

The Problem of BPM Definition

By Chris Taylor @ BPM For Real | January 25, 2012

As a professional in the BPM space, I’m continually reminded of the challenge of defining what BPM really means. For some, this is an issue of perspective as IT people see BPM as automation of work and business people see … read more

BPM and the bigger picture

By Gerrit ten Haaken @ Paradime BV | January 23, 2012

I’ve been working in the arena of BPM for a while. Coming from a business application background, I always had an undeniable interest in applying (technical) solutions in real life – business – situations. Although I love technical innovation and … read more

Lean Six Sigma: Service versus Industry

By Peter Matthijssen @ BiZZdesign | January 21, 2012

The industrial sector has been applying Lean Management and Six Sigma for decades. For many service organizations these methods are much more of a novelty. You could say that the service sector runs about 20 years behind on the industrial … read more

Process, Learning & The Division of Labour

Process, learning & division of labour
By Craig Reid @ The Process Ninja | January 17, 2012

With every piece of new work or indeed any new experience we undertake in our lives we go through a┬áprocess of learning. We may watch the task, repeat the task, read about the task – there are many different ways … read more

Mobile for Better Availability of Process Information

Mobile availability of business process information
By Martijn Meijer @ Meilleur Marketing | January 10, 2012

In my previous post, I explained how mobile devices play a crucial role in process monitoring and process modeling as well as in collaboration. The availability of the right information at the right time at the right place is one … read more