The real problem of BPM

By Alberto del Rio @ Decide Soluciones | February 15, 2012

  Or: How to obtain a process definition ?   Before establishing a business process in a complex organization can be successful, we will have to overcome many obstacles. Especially if our intention is to initiate or adopt a BPM … read more

12 Important Questions When Starting BPM Projects

Starting a business process management project and choosing the right BPMS system can be a quite tricky thing to do, especially if your organization does not have experience on it. There are several ways to start BPM projects and there … read more

BPM in Creative Environments

Creative choreography - BPM Leader
By Murray Oles @ Chalex | February 13, 2012

Business process management between systems is an orchestration of information flows that is defined by a workflow model, and is similar to an orchestra music score in its’ clarity of direction.  BPM applied to human workflows is more like choreography.  … read more

Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week: COLA

By Matthew Heffron @ Sourcing Sage | February 10, 2012

Every week a new outsourcing cartoon. This week: COLA. Brought to you by our friends at Sourcing Sage.  

5 Success Factors for Business Process Outsourcing

By Reint Jan Holterman @ BPM Leader | February 9, 2012

The market for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is growing, and it is growing fast. Global revenues for business process outsourcing in 2011 represented around 60 billion USD, with India taking the lion’s share out of this with approx 35%. It’s … read more

BPM Change – Getting Colleagues to Come Along

By Jaisundar V @ Bouncing Thoughts | February 8, 2012

Organizational change in any form, evokes much the same feeling you have when you are on a diving board looking down at the cold water below. Although you know it will all be fine in under 20 seconds after you’ve … read more

Leveraging Integration to Improve BPM User Experience

By Baruch Sachs @ Pegasystems | February 7, 2012

BPM offers the promise of streamlining not only a business process, but the way a user experiences that process. If I have to navigate through 10 applications to finish a task,  that is 10 steps that really have nothing to do … read more

Lean Six Sigma: Service versus Industry (part 3)

lean six sigma - bpm leader
By Peter Matthijssen @ BiZZdesign | February 3, 2012

Of course, organizations that practice Lean Six Sigma optimize their processes in the workplace. In an industrial environment they use ‘tricks’ like hanging drilling machines at the correct height on a string, for easy access. Also inventories are limited by … read more

Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week: Partnership

By Matthew Heffron @ Sourcing Sage | February 3, 2012

Every week a new outsourcing cartoon. This week: Partnership. Brought to you by our friends at:  

What to do, when discovery uncovers systemic faults (2)

By Les Lammonds @ BPM Expert | February 2, 2012

Note: this BPM implementation is still in progress, we go live this month. As I stated in my first post on this topic, in the process of discovery we uncovered, IT system issues that had been lingering for years, and … read more