Social Customer Engagement Experience

By Mohamed Elkholy @ K2 | June 26, 2015

We used to do BPM implementations to drive efficiency and consistency by automating standard repeatable processes, we were always trying to reduce application turnaround time, reduce operating cost. But only the most agile enterprise stands a chance in today’s constantly-changing business environment. The … read more

Hiring Process in a Small Business (SME)

By Maria Paz Cuturi @ Flokzu | June 22, 2015

This is the first post of a series on Human Resources and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The second part covers Performance Appraisal Methods in SMEs. Recruitment process in a SME In an SME nothing is more important than having a committed … read more

Enabling Social BPM through APIs

By Maloy Patnaik @ Infosys | June 18, 2015

Enterprise 2.0 itself is a popular term that captures the use of lightly structured social environments to collaborate and capture knowledge in a discoverable, reusable way. Typically, these tools are highly social and they’re free-format, so that they can adapt … read more

BPM Project Managers Beware

By Garth Knudson @ Bizagi | June 16, 2015

Business process transformation projects are complicated. Within each BPM project phase (e.g., strategy, innovation, implementation, improvement) there are many moving parts (determining objectives and KPIs, improving and building workflows and data models, adding business rules, designing layouts, integrating systems, procuring hardware, … read more

Competition War with Sun Tzu and Michael Porter

By Gözde Ulusoy @ Emakin | June 11, 2015

According to contemporary strategic management, the main objective of a company is to improve long-term performance and need to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Let’s examine the competition between Michael Porter who is one of the best specialists about competition, and … read more

BPM vs Case Management

By Garth Knudson @ Bizagi | June 9, 2015

Business Process Management (BPM) and Case Management solutions incorporate processes, business rules, forms, data models, document handling, and system integration. They also use the same infrastructure and overall architecture. As a result, there is some confusion in the marketplace about … read more

BPM explained to Small and Medium Enterprises

By Maria Paz Cuturi @ Flokzu | June 4, 2015

What is BPM really? When we think of BPM or business process management, we often think of ‘expensive’, ‘for large companies’, ‘takes up too much management time’ or ‘we are not ready for that yet’. Is that really what lies … read more

The BPM elements: Of Charts, Forms and Variables

By Kay Winkler @ NSI Soluciones | June 1, 2015

In the ever evolving and in complexity growing arena of business process management – that sometimes seems to be excessively inflated with acronyms like iBPMS, S-BPM (download the book to S-BPM at Springer Open: link), RW-BPMS (call for papers and … read more

Enterprise Modeling Space: Thoughts on Software Implementation

By Arun Kumar Asokan @ Infosys ltd. | May 28, 2015

If you have been part of a software development work and have developed some kind of flows, Process Models (in BPMN), Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD), or drawn any UML diagrams in Visio or any other tool; then you have actually … read more

Filling process gaps with BPM

By Ashish Yadav @ Infosys | May 26, 2015

It’s an interesting topic and close to my heart. Not because I am writing it, but because I have seen and experienced it first-hand. By writing this blog, even if one person benefits from it, I would feel that objective of … read more