Why do BPM projects fail?

failing BPM projects
By Nischala @ Wipro | June 14, 2012

In my journey in the world of BPM over the past several years, I have seen many BPM projects fail. And today as I analyze the cause for these failures, a few unexpected ones stand-out… But before I get into … read more

Why all projects should include BPM and OCM

OCM - change management
By Ola Elverskog @ Business Dynamics | June 13, 2012

Most companies and public sector organizations spend a huge amount of money in projects every year in order to develop their business so that it will work better. The projects vary from internal efficiency boosting projects to customer facing projects. … read more

What Jello and BPM have in common

By Kevin Feldhus @ Perficient Inc. | June 12, 2012

Life may be like a box of chocolates to quote Forrest Gump from the movie “Forrest Gump”, but business processes are like a bowl of Jello. Here is my analogy. When you make Jello, the first step is to boil … read more

Do Not Underestimated the Wow Effect of BPM!

wow effect of BPM

I have been working on a huge Business Process Management project for some time – selling the project has been a major task. For some time I have wondered how to make this sell so that all would understand – … read more

Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week: Sales Hire

By Matthew Heffron @ Sourcing Sage | June 8, 2012

Every week a new outsourcing cartoon. This week: Sales Hire. I am always dumbfounded by the amount of paperwork my colleagues in sales are required to complete. Included in that is the stuff I call “crystal ball” work wherein salespeople … read more

Processes, Procedures, Work Instructions – what’s the difference anyway?

By Craig Reid @ The Process Ninja | June 7, 2012

This post was originally published on the Idatix Insider’s Blog.   It’s often all too easy to bundle “processes and procedures” into one statement as if they are a single entity. Of course, they aren’t, but ask a dozen people … read more

Process Size – It’s all about Management Capacity

Back in February 2011, Peter Schooff of eBizQ.net asked a very important question, “How big is a process?” The very insightful comments that answer the question bring forth many interesting perspectives on the size of a process. Ranging from the length of a … read more

Aligning Revenues, Costs and Customer Service with BPM

In the business process management (BPM) world the ability to simultaneously grow revenues, reduce costs and improve service is called a Triple Crown. It is a direct consequence of implementing advanced process management. A 21st century company shifts attention from … read more

Back in My Day and BPM

By Kevin Feldhus @ Perficient Inc. | June 4, 2012

Ok, I admit it I am getting older. During a dinner conversation with our three boys earlier this week, we had a discussion about technology and technological trends. The proof I am getting older – I started a sentence with … read more

Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week: Insecurity

By Matthew Heffron @ Sourcing Sage | June 1, 2012

Every week a new outsourcing cartoon. This week: Insecurity. There is Mother Nature and then there is Human Nature — both powerful forces to contend with. I have seen this kind of outcome when exhaustive security measures encounter those simply … read more