Is BPM really the third wave?

By Mohammed Asifuddin @ Synergy | July 12, 2012

After ERP and CRM, is BPM really the third wave in IT Industry? Talk of BPM we hear different opinions. Some say it is nothing new, it has been there from ages; some say the market potential is $2 billion … read more

The Alignment of Six Sigma and BPM

By Kevin Feldhus @ Perficient Inc. | July 11, 2012

Introduction Quote – Redesign is for innovating a process, lean is to remove waste from the process and six sigma is a technique to eliminate defects in products and services. – “How Work Gets Done” by Artie Mahal Six Sigma … read more

BPM: Your Next Move as a Manager. Take a Leap of Faith…

By Adama @ Ecobank Transnational Inc. | July 10, 2012

BPM can no longer be ignored. In today’s economic climate, companies demand higher productivity, better control of costs, improved risk management and minimized time to market to cope with frequent market changes and increased competitive pressure. To deliver continous business … read more

To BPM or not to BPM… When “2 out of 3 Ain’t Bad”

By Sunil Aggarwal @ | July 9, 2012

Just as Lady Gaga’s fame is seeing a meteoric rise, so too is that of BPM.  Whilst implementing BPM can transform an organization, there are also examples of failed BPM projects or even disasters.  How do you gain clarity around … read more

Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week: Morale

BPM Leader - pencil
By Matthew Heffron @ Sourcing Sage | July 6, 2012

Every week a new outsourcing cartoon. This week: Morale. Sometimes we get our speedboats moving forward so fast we fail to realize that our wake is swamping boats to our left and right. The best managers communicate to their people … read more

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to BPM Success

By Kevin Feldhus @ Perficient Inc. | July 5, 2012

When I was growing up, we had 1 television channel on our black and white TV and during the winter months, the movie “Wizard of Oz” would always run.  Want to take a guess at what we watched every year? … read more

Transformation, Measurement and Process Performance Indicators

The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand. [SUN TZU] Have you participated in Business Process Management (BPM) and been going from a … read more

Lean and BPM – two peas in a pod?

By Sunil Aggarwal @ | July 3, 2012

I have seen a resurgence of customers adopting Lean techniques in their projects. In general, these have been very successful due to speed of delivery, quality of deliverables and output, and the ability to drive fundamental change to the business … read more

Combining all BPM Methods – Is that Possible?

I started to write my PhD thesis on Business Process Management (BPM) capability factors a year ago. First thing I came across was that there are loads of different methods and terms like Process Excellence, Performance Improvement, Six Sigma, Business … read more

Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week: Productivity

BPM Leader - pencil
By Matthew Heffron @ Sourcing Sage | June 29, 2012

Every week a new outsourcing cartoon. This week: Productivity. Long ago when I was on the buyer side, I suspected a vendor of such tactics but could never prove it. My employer didn’t care and there was nothing to gain … read more