Managing by Processes for Dummies

By Valeria Evgeneva @ ELMA Europe SARL | May 31, 2016

What is the best management strategy for the company? How can I make my business more efficient? These are the key questions business owners and top executives ask themselves nowadays. In this article, we would like to share our experience … read more

Crafting Waste Management Solutions With BPM

By Matthew Milstead @ All trash OZ | May 11, 2016

No matter your industry, it’s a virtual certainty that your organization generates waste. This waste takes the form of left-over materials, by-products, rejects and garbage. Much of this ends up in a landfill, which isn’t a particularly environmentally friendly prospect. … read more

BPM and Blockchain, miles apart or closer than you think?

By Olivier Rikken @ Personal | November 17, 2015

As Business Process Management traditionally is seen as a method for a company’s internal process control and blockchain in general is only known by the people for Bitcoin, these two subjects look miles apart. However, if you look further than … read more

Can BPM contribute to the Digital Journey?

By Ashish Yadav @ Infosys | November 9, 2015

While we continue to listen and talk about Digital being a key differentiator for organizations and organizations continuing to invest in Digital, the clarity is lacking even among the practitioners. For many of the client organizations, while some people know … read more

Business Applications over BPM?

By Kay Winkler @ NSI Soluciones | October 23, 2015

When analyzing our customer base at NSI, consisting of end users throughout the Americas, it can be noticed that business process management as a concept and technology usually plays only a secondary role in the minds of our customers. The … read more

7 Key Steps for Automating Document Workflows

By Maria Paz Cuturi @ Flokzu | September 14, 2015

First of all, document workflows are “an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of business activities enabled by the systematic organization of resources into processes that transform materials, provide services, or process information”. Every organization uses document workflows to complete daily tasks. … read more

Key Performance Indicators for BPM

By Maria Paz Cuturi @ Flokzu | August 24, 2015

Let’s recap BPM’s main steps that we introduced in a previous blogpost: Process modelling Process automation Process analysis using key performance indicators (KPIs) Process optimization This post is entirely dedicated to the third step: key performance indicators (or KPIs) for BPM. … read more

BPM and ERP: How to Integrate? An Analysis

By Ashish Yadav @ Infosys | August 17, 2015

While discussing an engagement with a client project manager, there was a question about how the BPM approach would work with ERP. The client project manager went a step further. He asked if I have a guideline on when and how to … read more

Increase Productivity and Employee Satisfaction Using Six Sigma

By Matthew Milstead @ All trash OZ | August 3, 2015

Six Sigma principles and strategies have been used for years, but some business owners are just beginning to see the benefits of using these tools. One of the biggest benefits of Six Sigma is increased productivity. Increasing productivity is one … read more

Involving End Users in Big Change

By Eli Stutz @ PNMsoft | July 30, 2015

In its Agenda Overview for Business Process Management, 2015, Gartner makes it clear that the primary challenge businesses face today is their ability to cope with and achieve Big Change. Business disruption is a constant reality, and organizational change agents … read more