Job Shop Operations – How to meet customer deadlines

By Karl Walter Keirstead @ Civerex | December 6, 2013

Everyone agrees, it’s a zoo. No amount of “readiness” can avoid the peaks and valleys that are the result of customers popping in with “urgent” requests, customers who submit change orders covering work already completed, and a seemingly endless range … read more

Is BPM failing?

By Søren Pommer @ gluu | December 4, 2013

Large companies have invested billions in software, in process excellence teams and in consulting to realize the dream of the process driven company. After storing thousands of complex process diagrams in databases it is time to stop and think. What … read more

10% 20% 30% What’s a “Good” Process Improvement?

By Craig Reid @ The Process Ninja | November 28, 2013

I’m often asked by clientswhat levels of improvement they can expect from my work. Clients are fascinated by pinning a percentage on each process so that they can show this to senior managers and say “We’ve saved 30% of the … read more

A Process View of Marketing

By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | November 25, 2013

I have always taken a process view of corporate marketing.  Unlike product marketing that focuses on a product, corporate marketing is made up of multiple disparate projects. Picture the act on the Ed Sullivan show where the performer would attempt … read more

5 Tips for Successfully Managing BPM Implementations

By Garth Knudson @ Bizagi | November 22, 2013

I have learned that BPM is a journey. It is mastered over time. With methodical discipline one success turns into another. One process automated in time becomes ten. What took three months to develop and deploy turns into monthly deliveries … read more

Sales and Process Management

By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | November 20, 2013

Someone once told me that CEO’s look at 2 things – Sales and Everything else… Just in case you haven’t thought about processes when it comes to sales, Amazon has 136,000 books on the topic. For years, sales people focused … read more

Competitive Advantage

By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | November 11, 2013

Peter Schooff posted this question today… How big of a role does BPM play in competitive advantage? My thoughts… Let’s look at an example where BPM played a role in creating a competitive advantage – Amazon. They believed that they … read more

How to assess process maturity from a people perspective

By Søren Pommer @ gluu | November 8, 2013

Process maturity models originally come from the software and IT area. I have found most to be heavily focused on documentation and automation. So how do you assess your company’s process maturity in terms of actual behavior? That is the … read more

Business Intelligence & BPM

By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | November 6, 2013

From a Jim Sinur interview posted on… Intelligent business operations really come out of a need for business to have better outcomes. They need to raise revenue, they need to cut cost, and they need to please their customers. … read more

Process Excellence Success Factors (video)

This 7 minute video explains the Process Excellence Success Factors that are critical for such initiatives. What are your experiences on succeeding in process excellence initiatives? Please share in comments below!