We haven’t even started with ACM/BPM!

By Karl Walter Keirstead @ Civerex | May 9, 2014

I don’t subscribe to the gloom and doom predictions we hear from many Business Process Management (BPM) practitioners. When you merge Adaptive Case Management (ACM) and Business Process Management (BPM), you get a rare 1+1 =5 boost. It’s easy to … read more

Zero Code BPM Software

Peter Schoof started a conversation recently by asking ‘Is Zero Code the Future of BPM?’  The conversation has included a lot of ideas. I have been a fan of the idea of zero code for a number of years for … read more

Book Review : Activiti 5.x Business Process Management Beginners Guide

By Evan Morrison @ | May 2, 2014

Dr. Zakir Laliwala and Irshad Mansuri have written an exceptional introduction to the Activiti business process engine in “Activiti 5.x Business Process Management Beginners Guide”. The book is a fantastic companion to the Activiti user manual and Activiti in Action. … read more

Why Use a Smarter Process?

By Uriel Zamora @ IBM Mexico | April 30, 2014

There is a BPM evolution that has emerged with the advent of Mobile, Cloud, Complex Event Processing, the latest business process should use many of this advantages. Amazon, Apple and Netflix provide the customer satisfaction benchmarks to which banks must … read more

The Value of Process Understanding

By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | April 28, 2014

Angelica Wurth posted – What is the value of understanding your processes? This question is not often asked by business managers, aka process owners. People don’t go around thinking about the value of their processes, but they should. Process is … read more

In the game of BPM, if you’re not outside-in, you’re out

By Karl Walter Keirstead @ Civerex | April 24, 2014

Unlike baseball, where the rules say “three strikes and you’re out”, if you are practicing BPM, you could be called out before the game starts if you’re not simultaneously practicing outside-in. The thing is the playing field for BPM has changed … read more

Success @ BPM

By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | April 22, 2014

In last week’s blog, I touched on how to achieve success at BPM.  However, I didn’t spend any time talking about the definition of success. When you are working on any project within your company, your goal is success.  If … read more

How to Counter Employee Resistance to BPM Initiatives

By Karl Walter Keirstead @ Civerex | April 17, 2014

We know that people resist change so the obvious strategy to decreasing resistance is to minimize change and make the change transparent. Let’s take a virtual tour of an organization. You are a consultant with a mandate to increase staff … read more

Success at BPM

By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | April 14, 2014

Managing engineering processes usually requires change.  Your user community will be made up of some people that like change and others that don’t.  Any one person from the group that doesn’t like change can kill the project, so it is … read more

Extending the Reach of your BPMs

By Karl Walter Keirstead @ Civerex | April 11, 2014

No BPMs includes all of the functionality you are likely to need to process data along instances of process templates. Here are two approaches you can use to extend the functionality of your BPMs without the need to customize: 1) … read more