Process Improvement Process

By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | September 24, 2014

The benefits of business process management There are many benefits to managing your business processes.  The benefits may differ from company to company, but they are very real. The University of San Francisco posted a blog that identifies some important … read more

Call Management, BPM and Cloud

By Arundhuti Roy @ MyOperator | September 23, 2014

We all have heard that “change is constant” and for businesses, the word change plays a very important part. A change in Business Process Management can always lead to the betterment of the life of the business. According to a … read more

Evolving Business Processes and Workflow Software Flexibility

By Maricel Rivera @ Comindware | September 22, 2014

Businesses and their processes continually evolve, and it’s a shame when the tools and applications they’ve invested heavily in can’t evolve along with them. Most workflow software have standard frameworks that managers can tweak here and there to align with … read more

Knowledge-intensive BPM and Dynamic Process Modeling

By Marek Szelagowski @ dynamic BPM | September 15, 2014

In the previous post, titled “Dynamic process modeling (part 2)“, we touched upon the possibility of modeling dynamic processes with the use of BPMN. We demonstrated the performance of one or more iterations of particular tasks or sub-processes modeled within … read more

Mobile Processes: Optimizing the Happy Path

By Jolanta Pilecka @ Bizagi | September 11, 2014

Design from the outside-in. Iterate quickly. Respond in real time. Innovate faster than the competition. In defining the characteristics needed to lead the digital charge, I found myself agreeing with everything Steven Wastie had to say. But it was his … read more

Banking on BPM: The Virtues of Process Automation

By Mike Lawrence @ 6Kare | September 8, 2014

BPM technology is finding ever increasing deployment at banks both large and small and there are five big reasons why: for standardizing processes, ensuring compliance, boosting efficiency, raising capacity and minimizing loss. I spoke with one senior bank executive to … read more

Dynamic Process Modeling (part 2)

By Marek Szelagowski @ dynamic BPM | September 3, 2014

The previous post, titled “Static and dynamic processes” (part 1), touched upon the division of processes into static and dynamic processes, as well as the risks involved with the static modeling of processes which are in fact dynamic in nature, … read more

Static and Dynamic Processes

By Marek Szelagowski @ dynamic BPM | August 28, 2014

The standard, textbook division of processes is to divide them into main (primary) processes, supporting processes, and management processes. This division is a good illustration of the significance that the particular process groups have in business. It enables us to … read more

4 Reasons “low-code” Platform Adoption is on the Rise

By Jolanta Pilecka @ Bizagi | August 26, 2014

This blog post first appeared on (July 25th 2014) _ Forrester’s paper on New Development Platforms For Customer-Facing Applications comes as a validation of what we have been experiencing in recent years. We have seen many enterprises switching to “low-code” application platforms to … read more

How Positive Customer Loyalty Trend Can Save Your Business?

Let me ask you, do you know how loyal customers do you have? Are you using for example Net Promoter Score to measure the number of loyal customers? If not, then you are driving blind! Any company that knows their … read more