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KiSSFLOW is the BPM product that believes that you know how to streamline your business processes better than anyone else. Our BPM platform is lightweight and human centric, which means you can build workflows as you think about them in your mind, not with complicated mapping. You can make each application with beautiful, easy-to-use, and modern technology. KiSSFLOW takes all the functionality of high-end BPM software and puts it in the hands of any business user.

The people who get the most out of KiSSFLOW are business leaders like department heads, senior managers, and process owners who want to automate repetitive business processes. These people can set up and modify the application without any coding. The interface is simple so that all the users in the organization can utilize it through our web application, mobile apps (iOS and Android), smart actions on Gmail, and email notifications.

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