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BPM with Microsoft® Technology in the Age of Web 2.0

BPM in the Age of Web 2.0 – The interactive and collaborative Internet. With QUAM 2.0 users can model online and organize their collaboration. QUAM 2.0 is based on Microsoft SharePoint.

The modeling of the company organization is the focus of QUAM. Whether you use BPMN, freehand charts, or any configurable meta-models, QUAM is open to each notation. The modeling is done with a Microsoft Visio Add-In started automatically from the Internet Explorer.

QUAM 2.0 provides you with an intuitive and centralized view of processes, organizational structures, and human activities. It lets you model, document, and integrate the various organizational aspects of business value drivers, operational processes and management systems directly in your Intranet.

The system guides the user through the organization with the use of Process Maps and a visual representation of Organizational Structures. Descriptions of organizational units, jobs, roles, and IT systems can be automatically generated. IT user manuals and entire software requirement specifications can be easily identified. QUAM provides a consistent picture, redundancy free data storage, sophisticated version control, and change tracking, to meet the requirements of auditors.

Traceability, audit management, and the ability to create user and authorization concepts are important security benefits when choosing QUAM.



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