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L-Sim delivers BPMN 2.0 compliant predictive process simulation. It is designed to be deployed directly within BPM suites, modellers or as a cloud based service. L-Sim Server is the simulation engine powering Software AG, Bizagi and Trisotech BPM platforms.
Process Simulation is a key technology for BPM, providing a predictive capability that spans simple process design changes to tactical operational management with goal seeking around ‘live’ base case data. Reducing the risk of process change, evaluating options for investment and providing decision support in the face of uncertainty and variability  to ensure excellent operational performance.

L-Sim is specifically designed to support BPMN 2.0, it was developed using Lanner’s extensive experience of providing process simulation products and solutions. L-Sim is available to be easily integrated into both Java and Microsoft based solutions. L-Sim provides support for the recently created BPSIM standard for the exchange of simulation data for BPMN. L-Sim has a comprehensive API to build, run and provide business user oriented reports on BPMN simulation models so that it is easy for BPMS vendors to integrate with their platform.

L-Sim provides additional key simulation capabilities including; resource controls, calendars, statistical distributions and is extensible to include custom reporting, business logic and goal seeking optimisation.




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