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Interfacing’s award-winning Business Process Management (BPM) suite, the Enterprise Process Center® (EPC), helps companies streamline operations, increase productivity, enforce governance, and ensure compliance. Much more than just process modeling, the EPC allows firms to manage, automate, and monitor business activities and controls.

Complete Process Lifecycle Management

EPC allows you to manage the entire process lifecycle by designing and building your processes in the modeler, publishing them to the Web-Portal and then managing and improving them through EPC’s business intelligence and performance tracking capabilities. A culture of continuous process improvement across the organization is promoted by the software’s collaborative Web portal that allows the posting of feedback and email notifications.

Process Automation with Workflow Engine

The fully integrated Workflow engine goes beyond basic lifecycle management, allowing the reduction of manual effort by automating human-centric processes, and mechanizing the end-to-end execution of system or integration-centric ones, dramatically reducing the risk of human error, saving time, and increasing productivity.

Business Architecture

EPC’s object-oriented repository facilitates the management of your company’s BA, by storing all processes and related information (such as organizational units, roles, resources, assets, documents, risks, and controls) into separate libraries as “objects.” This allows them to be managed independently and have their own lifecycles, giving your constantly evolving company a flexible organizational model.

Integrated GRC Capabilities

EPC’s process-centric approach to enterprise management aligns process improvement and GRC initiatives as ongoing programs rather than as one-time projects, integrating governance, risk, and compliance activities with day-to-day operations.

Automated SOP Outputs

EPC facilitates the creation of, standardized, accurate, and up-to-date SOPs with just a few clicks. These Process Books are designed to output EPC content into convenient, printable process documentation, that can be customized with company templates for different purposes; ideal for detailed SOPs, training manuals, user guides, audit reports, and strategy meetings. Additionally, information changes are controlled and versioned so that you can ensure that employees are using the latest policies, processes, and procedures.



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