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A flexible, affordable and agile BPM solution, developed to help companies achieving their automation in an efficient way.

iFlowBPM is a flexible and agile BPM solution that helps companies achieving their objectives in an efficient and uncomplicated way! iFlowBPM was designed in a way to have a fast implementation, low resources consumption and to allow a fast learning curve.

iFlowBPM was developed based in 3 strategic vectors:

  • Null platform costs
  • Flow’s fast design
  • Open source and community

iFlowBPM is an open source system which allows you to implement in a Linux stack without license costs. You can also implement iFlowBPM in licensed platforms as Microsoft Windows Server or data bases Microsoft SQL and Oracle Server. With iFlowBPM (Business Process Modeling) your processes will be easy to Design, Implement and execute!

iFlowBPM differentiates itself through its fast implementation, usability and low cost, providing a quick ROI (Return on Investment). Designed to minimize infrastructure costs, iFlowBPM Platform runs in a totally open source stack, that allows to overcome license costs of operating systems, data bases and portals.



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