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The BIC software is a holistic BPM software suite that covers the whole life cycle of process management. Therewith, BIC assists the process strategy, process design, process implementation, process execution as well as process controlling. GBTEC offers software development and consultation under one roof and supports its customers throughout the whole process.


The BPM Suite BIC combines all modules necessary for the optimization of business processes. To achieve this, we count on comprehensive in-house consulting, an individual strategy counselling and the accompaniment throughout the whole digitization alignment.


In doing so, GBTEC consults within its field of competency BPM systems, quality management, internal control systems, enterprise architecture, SAP introduction, business IT alignment, process monitoring and digitalization. Companies benefit from different modules that model processes, integrate documents, control governance processes, inform employees holistically and automate processes.

Furthermore, GBTEC has introduced a module that merges governance, risk and compliance. This allows companies to comply with legal and organizational requirements by linking all processes regarding the steering of risks (integrated risk management, internal control, compliance management).

GBTEC’s software is based on simplicity, design, robustness, innovation, a rapid ROI and the development team is working continuously on the extension of its products.


The key modules help realizing the digital transformation:

  • BIC Cloud Design for modeling and analyzing business processes;
  • BIC Cloud Document for document integration available for every employee;
  • BIC Cloud Governance for the controlling of governance processes;
  • BIC Cloud Portal for target-group-specific publishing;
  • BIC Cloud Workflow for process automation and SAP/Sharepoint integration;
  • BIC Cloud Monitor for the simulation of processes as well as the measurement and monitoring of performance;
  • BIC Cloud GRC for bringing together governance, risk and compliance.



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