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FlowCentric BPM Platform


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FlowCentric Technologies (https://www.flowcentric.com/)


Solution description:

BPM Platform for process digitization, automation and workflow management.


The FlowCentric BPM Platform is an agile solution that supports companies in achieving their strategic objectives, through process digitisation, automation and workflow management.

The Platform enables organisations to design, manage, and optimise their unique business process for better control and flexibility.

The powerful Platform connects systems and data, through processes and policies, with people and their devices. The result is synchronised data, standardised processes and streamlined operations.


The FlowCentric BPM Platform

  • Enables developers to quickly create and deploy visually appealing web interfaces, which users can navigate with ease.
  • Can send new task notifications via SMS or email, route tasks to other team members or escalate outstanding tasks. Processes keep going.
  • Ensures that users find current and archived tasks or processes quickly and easily. No more searching through network drives or emails.
  • Ensure that each employee has access to the appropriate levels of information and authorisation rights.
  • Encourages improvements as process updates are orchestrated on a granular level, with no negative impact on productivity.
  • Allows developers to manage system integrations effectively and with greater control.
  • Stores historical process and task data which means you can create reports at any stage.



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