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Gartner Business Process Management Summit 2013 April 2 – 4  |  National Harbor, MD  |  gartner.com/us/bpm

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At Gartner Business Process Management Summit 2013,

April 2 – 4, National Harbor, MD,you’ll see how the next generation of BPM goes beyond incremental efficiency gains and cost savings and enables you to visualize and analyze business operations in real time, and to take immediate, intelligent actions to better execute on key business strategies.


  • Make a compelling business case for BPM investment
  • Drive results in an environment resistant to change; navigate organizational politics
  • Identify right-fit technology enablers for your enterprise
  • Measure BPM’s impact on your business’s performance results
  • Reduce costs while improving business performance
  • Close the gap between what the CEO wants and what BPM delivers
  • Drive to intelligent business operations (IBO)


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