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The brand new BPMN web editor powered by ESTECO


BeePMN is a web-based platform for editing and executing BPMN processes.
BeePMN is where experts and non-experts alike can broaden their knowledge of modeling and strive for excellence.
BeePMN is the missing link between business processes and engineering workflows.

These are our goals.
We are dedicated to creating and continously improving the BeePMN platform and encouraging the exchange of know-how and experience.

BPMN offers a wide range of elements for modeling while BeePMN offers a convenient and intuitive web-based editor in order to efficiently represent them. We would like to help improve your modeling experience and to expand this possibility to everyone in the company, from managers to employees. Its user interface has been designed to help you save time and reduce hassle. Real-time collaboration on shared projects is made possible through the use of leading technologies in web development. Moreover, our community blog is where you can turn to for expert advice and to promote yourself and your modeling solutions.


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