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Effektif GmbH (www.effektif.com)


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Effektif – Automating business processes – as simple as possible, but not simpler!

Effektif combines the best of Business Process Management, collaboration and email. The company provides a BPM solution in the cloud that allows business users to implement their processes in minutes. With its cloud-only approach and pay-per-use pricing, Effektif lowers the entry barrier to BPM automation and is suitable for both large and small process initiatives.

An intuitive wizard guides non tech people to define forms, checklists and handovers. Effektif enables configurable integration with a range of cloud services such as Salesforce and Google Apps. For deep integration with existing IT systems, Effektif offers the possibility to insert custom code in the cloud and behind the firewall.
The platform leverages the Signavio Process Editor as its BPMN 2.0 modeling frontend.


Effektif – the simplest way to automate business processes.



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