e-Book: Comparing BPM, SaaS and Custom Development

SaaS vs BPM vs Custom development - whitepaperWhat’s the best development approach: BPM, SaaS or Custom?

When starting a new business software project, an organization first has to decide what developmentĀ approach fits best with its objectives. Read this e-book to see when and how custom software development, BPM-based development, and SaaS-based development are most appropriate for which types of objectives.

Included in the e-book is a calculator that you can use to decide which approach fits best with your software project.

This e-book covers:

  • Characteristics of the three software development approaches
  • Seven criteria for selecting the best development approach
  • Easy-to-use calculator to ‘run the numbers’ on your own software initiative

Download your copy of this e-book plus free project calculator now:


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