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The Business Operations Platform integrates all of an organization’s different IT assets – its enterprise applications, productivity tools and structured and unstructured data – into one. The Business Operations Platform transforms the way IT works with the business. It consists of a suite of tools for Business Process Management (BPMS) as well as a Composite Applications framework and SOA Integration.

Instead of processes being locked away in complex systems, they are defined in clear, non-technical ways, in terms of users, functions and responsibilities. Any business user can easily understand how a process currently operates – and what the potential impact would be of changing it. The Cordys user interface is completely web-based, which makes it simple for those same business users to introduce process improvements. The result is an organisation that is more agile, more efficient and more productive; an organisation where IT is truly delivering on its promise, and where innovation can be quickly transformed into competitive advantage.

Based on the Cordys Business Operations Platform, Cordys offers four productized solutions:

  • Cordys Process Factory
    High productivity cloud platform to compose and deploy mashed-up applications, or MashApps, in the cloud.
  • Cordys Cloud Provisioning
    Cordys Cloud Provisioning facilitates application-, service-, tenant- and user provisioning of cloud and on premise services.
  • Cordys Operational Intelligence
    Enables knowledge workers to create their own Operations Intelligence applications using real-time data, providing insight into the efficiency of operations through graphs and reports.
  • Cordys Collaborative Engineering
    Cordys Collaborative Engineering supports integration and exchange of complex and voluminous engineering data between different PLM systems as well as PLM to ERP and MES.
The Cordys Business Operations Platform has been recognised by leading analysts as the most complete and capable business process platform currently available.



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