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CMW Business Operations Management Suite

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Solution description:

CMW Business Operations Management Suite is a unique combination of seamlessly pre-integrated Process, Project, Case and Task Management business applications built on top of a solid foundation – CMW Platform – enabling unmatched system flexibility and extensibility.

CMW Business Operations Management suite provides highly intuitive and standard based tools for both Business and IT users and enables management of any type of business operations and data encountered in companies of any maturity and size.

Featuring a fully functional and context-aware social collaboration environment, CMW Team Network – supports a full set of social network capabilities required for daily communication in the workspace.

CMW Suite provides complex hybrid (processes + projects + cases) operations support enabling cross-company business processes such as Lead-to-Cash, Idea-to-Product, Partner & Supply Chain Management and other.

CMW Suite is equally suitable for both cloud and on-premises deployment and provides enterprise grade scalability, reliability, and security.

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